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Our Salon is "Devoted" to You!

Our salon carries the Devoted Creations line of tanning lotions. The entire Devoted Creations line is formulated with Strivitan, the Anti-Aging breakthrough. Some people say it is better than Botox!
The key ingredient in Strivitan, palmitoyal pentapeptide, was originally developed for wound healing. Recent clinical tests on this amazing compound have proven to dramatically improve skins smoothness and decrease wrinkle depth while increasing collagen and elastin. It is shown to be even more effective than retinol or even vitamin C in reducing fine lines and wrinkles associated with photoaged skin.

All tanners are not alike, so not everyone should be using the same tanning lotion. Our staff is skilled at finding the right Devoted Creations product for your skin type, and to suit your specific needs.
The Levels Of Tanning
Level 1 ~ Foundation
Our Llevel 1 lotions are specifically designed to help you start the tanning process. Level 1 lotions quickly create that beautiful bronze glow while carefully maintaining your skin's natural moisture. Our exotic ingredents restore and revitalize your skin as you tan, so you will immediately enjoy your great looking golden tan.
Level 2 ~ Advanced
After establishing your great tan foundation with our Level 1 products, you can break through to the next level with our incredible variety of Level 2 products. Our lotions are all formulated with scientifically proven tanning ingredients, which provide you with the deepest and darkest tan imaginable. We go above and beyond ordinary tanning with our most advanced complexes and tan amplifying combinations to let you go super dark while replenishing your skin's vitamins and moisture.
Level 3 ~ Professional
Our Level 3 Professional products are perfect for all tanners. We spared no expense in creating these premium blends for the most discriminating customers. Choose between a wide variety of tanning products to find the premium blend that is just right for you. Our lotions are loaded with complexes to help any tanner achieve their maximum tanning potential. Our complexes diminish wrinkles, help you look younger and reload you skin with essential vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating elements. Can you afford the very best? Try our Professional Level 3 products.
Level 4 ~ Hydration
Moisturize daily with our Level 4 products. Level 4 products keep your skin glowing and healthy looking in between tans. Packed with antioxidants and natural vitamins, our Level 4 products, keeps your skin looking and feeling great, while keeping a tan long after your last tanning session.
Level 5 ~ Skin Care
USe our specialty products daily to protect from over exposure and for healthier younger looking skin. We offer a variety of skin care products, including sunless tanners, face creams, fine line and wrinkle reducing serums. Choose  Level 5 products for the finest cosmetics in skin care.
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